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Los Angeles

Solar Off-Grid Inverter With MPPT Based Charge Controller

  • Micro controller based MPPT Controller; High efficiency
  • Pure Sine Wave Power; Protects appliances & equipments
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Constant Voltage/Constant current pulse charging with wide input range
  • Silent operation of fans, tube light or appliances
  • High Inverter efficiency : > 88 %
  • Auto Change over from mains to inverter mode
  • Auto restart feature for over load and low battery
  • Very low no load current for prolonged battery operation under standby
  • Auto bypass system – it bypasses Inverter in case of inverter failure
  • Range :- 1 KVA To 7.5 KVA. Voltage 24 V/48 V/72 V/96 V/120 V